Igniting Thoughtful Action

Speaking Engagement

Using Deliberate Creativity to be an Innovation Powerhouse

Marysia Czarski

Founder and Managing Director, Velocity Partnership,
Creator of the Inside Out Change Process

What You Will Learn

• Why deliberate creativity is one of the most critical ingredients to being more innovative.


• Tools and techniques that will develop you and your team’s creative confidence and supercharge innovative thinking.


• How to ask powerful questions that unlock your creative thinking in order to give depth and breadth to new ideas and concepts.


• How to refine and assess ideas without killing off those which are highly novel with untapped potential.


• Develop new behaviours to become a proactive future focused company and get out of the cycle of fighting fires.


• New approaches to testing and prototyping ideas in order to ‘fail fast’ – the prevailing philosophy of today’s most entrepreneurial and innovative organizations.


• Become your own ‘disruptor’ - not a victim to an innovation that disrupts your business. 
Develop a team that lives those ideals and infuses deliberate creativity throughout your business.



 “Velocity Partnership facilitated our team’s two and a half day session which focused on design thinking and innovation. We had very specific business objectives but at the same time, wanted to push the team’s thinking in a very different way. This intense and energizing session was extremely valuable. The team was inspired, and motivated to think about our business challenges in a very different way and was in action, applying themselves during the session.  We left with tangible actions and we have already incorporated what we learned into our business and some of our day to day operations.”  
Caroline Dabu,

Vice President| Head Enterprise Wealth Planning Group | BMO

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