Igniting Thoughtful Action


We’re known for providing rigorous coaching and facilitations for our clients to deliver their desired outcomes.  In each of our engagements we begin by setting up structures to ensure the learning is integrated and embedded into the practices, behaviours, and systems of the organization for long lasting change and results.  This is our approach:

Collaboration and Partnership

We work with our client’s end result and outcomes in mind, and work back from there to design a roadmap to get there which is always designed collaboratively with our clients.   Engaging people both emotionally and intellectually is critical to achieve learning moments that provoke new ways of doing things. To ensure the change process is energizing, meaningful and one that everyone involved in can embrace, we like to partner with our clients for an extended period of time.


Slow down to speed up

Startlingly enough, practice is often seen as wasting time in business circles when in fact it refers to the opportunity to create remarkable speed within any area. We call this 'slowing down to speed up'.


Practice and Preparation

If great athletes don't train, they don't win. Therefore, most of their time is spent practicing, not performing. It's recognized what produced yesterday's win is not always sufficient and sustainable for tomorrow's race. The training process builds an athlete's capacity and dedication to keep running the race, distinguishing the gaps, taking on new approaches and reaching for the win.  Successful performers and athletes are not so much gifted as practiced and prepared. The key to extraordinary performance is the practice. Practice is the threshold of capacity.


Purpose, Vision and Values

Our work is based on the premise that everyone needs to understand and be engaged in an organization’s purpose, vision for the future and values for operating day in and day out.  This becomes the backbone to how an organization gets their work done, and differentiates itself to competitors and attracts the best talent.


Failure is Essential for Success

When embraced, failure is a much better teacher than success.  And paradoxically, the more an organization embraces failure and takes time out to learn from it, the more successful it will be.  Think of Thomas Edison. How many times did he fail to find the right filament for his light bulb?  The estimates are in the thousands.  By embracing the possibility of failure and in fact, building in prototypes and experiments to learn fast from failure and avoiding sinking copious resources into ‘perceived’ perfection pays back far more effectively in the long run.


Innovation can’t just be flipped on like a switch

The same holds true for leadership and the attitude and skills required to play the competitive game of innovation.  These skills are not manifested in the moment as though by a miracle. Consider how many CEOs are asking their companies to be more innovative, like somehow the organization can just 'flip a switch' and make innovation happen. Instead, developing leadership capabilities, building in the capacity and mindset for innovation are the result of a long term commitment to practice.





 “Velocity Partnership facilitated our team’s two and a half day session which focused on design thinking and innovation. We had very specific business objectives but at the same time, wanted to push the team’s thinking in a very different way. This intense and energizing session was extremely valuable. The team was inspired, and motivated to think about our business challenges in a very different way and was in action, applying themselves during the session.  We left with tangible actions and we have already incorporated what we learned into our business and some of our day to day operations.”  
Caroline Dabu,

Vice President| Head Enterprise Wealth Planning Group | BMO

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