We help our clients unlock their innate creativity to navigate the constant change in business

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Our co-created talent development programs engage our clients in active learning experiences that include the application of design thinking, creative problem solving and business model innovation to real business problems. Our approach reveals performance and process barriers and then goes to work on solving them for breakthroughs in the business.

Design Thinking

THE creativity GYM

Develop your team’s capacity to apply deliberate creativity and work their creative muscles in this three-day sprint focused on solving a real business challenge from the perspective of your customer.



Identify high-impact opportunities to create and capture new value in this hands-on program. You’ll challenge assumptions using ethnography to uncover insights and new ideas that are put through a stage of rapid prototyping and iteration. 



Fuel an ongoing eco-system for innovation by connecting with the hearts and minds of your customers on a whole new level. This collaborative approach to market research galvanizes your team into focused action and deliberate creativity.



Earn your Certificate in Creative Leadership and Facilitation for Innovation while developing leadership skills to drive innovation and creative change within your

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"Design thinking is about accelerating innovation to create better solutions to the challenges facing business and society.  It starts with people – what we call human centered design – and applies the creative tools of design, like story-telling, prototyping, and experimentation to deliver breakthrough innovations”  

Tim Brown, CEO & President, IDEO


Our work is customized to the unique context of your business and the challenges you face. To ensure integration and change from the insights and learning occur throughout your business as a new way of thinking and doing, we work in three core areas:

Mindset:  We explore the set of (sometimes hidden) assumptions, methods, or notations held
by your team that may be barriers to change

Skillset: We develop the combination of skills you’re your leaders need to be relevant and
ready to tackle the ever changing nature of your business environment

Toolset: a set of tools and structures that can be applied again and again

We do this work on three continents.




“Velocity Partnership has worked with me in a number of different capacities over the last five years.  In each case they have been highly collaborative, professional, innovative and strategic with their work.  They challenged my thinking and created full alignment with my goals. Whether leading a facilitation for my team, or designing and delivering a program for our clients, the output always exceeded my expectations and together, we achieved our desired results.   A terrific partner and I don’t hesitate to recommend them."

Julie Barker-Merz, BMO Bank of Montreal, Senior Vice President, South Western Ontario Division

"I would highly recommend Velocity’s Design Thinking programs. In a quick moving, ever changing world, this type of creative, solution focused perspective is essential.  I was most taken with the question, 'how might we...' and have used it in designing new initiatives, setting objectives and developing planning and assessment frameworks.  This program has helped validate and enhance a way of thinking that I find very effective."

Kristi Kerford, Associate VP – Student Services, Fleming College


‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes
but in having new eyes.’

Marcel Proust