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Coaching FOR Velocity

Our coaching program focuses on taking your business to the next level of growth and success. We work with growth orientated entrepreneurs who know that with greater clarity, focus, new ideas and a plan for results, you will thrive.

Working within your Velocity Plan for ResultsTM you will create your mission, vision, key priorities, strategies, and goals.   We use a number of different thinking skills during our coaching – strategic, critical, ideational, visionary, evaluative, and diagnostic to understand the gaps and opportunities that exist in your business – or how you see them now.  We will identify your unique capabilities that need to be leveraged for growth, executing on the ideas that will fuel your passion and expand you and your company’s success (using leadership profiling tools).  The coaching is designed to have elements emerge that are critical to your business success that have been blind spots to you in the past.  All tactical elements that need to happen to allow you to pivot are captured in your Coaching Action Items, so your Coach can support your focus, and keep your accountability to complete these items.



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Now you can quantify your organization’s ability to drive growth, transform and innovate faster and more effectively. The Organization Growth Indicator gives you real metrics to identify gaps and define opportunities in all of your organization’s operations. The Organizational Growth Indicator (OGI®)  provides an in-depth assessment of your entire organization to rapidly determine the performance your organization is capable of achieving in its present state. The OGI® clearly identifies those leaders and operations aiding growth as well as those impeding your growth. From your OGI® report, your senior leadership will know exactly what they have to work on in order to accelerate growth and innovation, and where the company has to focus its attention and resources to transform and deliver results.

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