Paula Simm

Driven by identifying opportunities
As director of marketing and operations, Paula brings marketing and product
development experience from retail, manufacturing, consumer-packaged goods and not
for profit. A Certified Scrum Master, she inspires a holistic and agile approach to projects,
ensuring collaboration, continuous improvement and a value driven philosophy.
Her natural intuition, people focus and business acumen also helps her to identify
opportunities, fusing business smarts and customer insights to create innovation and

In her career, she has been heavily involved in product and program development,
leveraging research insights to identify opportunities, guide selections and reduce risk
leading to million dollar outcomes.
In the UK, Paula worked for Boots the Chemist, managed categories including food,
healthcare, personal care, and gift. At Boots Manufacturing she was instrumental in
transforming their business with other UK Retailers. developing their personal care
business, with Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda-Walmart, designer hairdressers including
Charles Worthington and Nicky Clarke. At Crookes Healthcare (now Reckitt Benckiser )
she managing Nurofen’s strong pain portfolio. (#1 OTC Brand in UK ). In 2007, she
moved to Toronto Canada with her husband and 2 sons and started working with The
Heart and Stroke Foundation, working on innovation, corporate sponsorship and
program development. 

Paula joined BenchStrength in 2016, and is really enjoying working with Louise and the