We custom design working sessions to compliment your leadership conferences and leverage the incredible leadership and brainpower that are brought together for these events.  Whether it be a 90 minute creative problem solving working session or a half day design thinking sprint, we’ll solve a real challenge you have in your business and source the power of your collective intelligence.  Created from the strategy and theme of your conference, we work collaboratively with your project team to achieve the objectives and outcomes of your event.


You have demands on you and your team to be high performing day in and day out. The pace is rigorous! In this 45 minute keynote Marysia translates the practices of a high performing athlete from her own experiences of being a hockey goalie, triathlete, fitness instructor and avid observer of sport and the Olympics into key learnings and take-aways for her audience. This is an inspiring, energizing and insightful talk that will be relevant to all employees of your company whether they have played sport or not.


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