The Big Thinking Generator


Working as your training and thinking partner, we help your team identify high impact opportunities in your changing business landscape to work on in real time.  In this structured ‘hands on’ program with your team, we apply design thinking to tackle your business challenge and identify new opportunities for growth.  Using ethnographic research practices to uncover new customer insights and opportunities, the new ideas generated will become prototypes that are tested and refined with customers.  The result is new value creation for your customer and new capability development for your team.


  • Knowledge and know-how to leverage market research
  • Capability to navigate failure (fail fast and learn quickly)
  • Increased creative leadership competencies
  • Tools to generate deliberate creativity
  • Use of ethnographic research techniques
  • Rapid prototyping and testing
  • Confidence to continue to apply the elements of design thinking
  • New skills and a transformed mindset to enable further capacity for innovation and growth
  • Team building
  • A pathway forward to leverage the new offerings developed in the program.

  **This is a 3 to 4 day engagement with a 1 day follow up 6 weeks later**