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The creativity Gym


You want to develop your team’s capability to be more creative and innovative with real, hands on learning.  We will facilitate and guide your team through the full innovation cycle of design thinking using a real challenge in your business.  This includes initial problem definition, connecting with users, ideation, fast failure, collaboration, and concept development into user-tested prototypes.  This design sprint rapidly lays the ground work to unleash an abundance of new ideas and energy from your team while developing the core capabilities of a design thinker.



  • Spark a customer centered mindset

  • Knowledge and know-how to apply design thinking

  • Deep user and customer empathy and learning

  • Diverse low fidelity prototypes and concept possibilities

  • Multiple business insights for application

  • Personal creative leadership development

  • A toolkit for the application of ongoing creativity

  • Next steps defined to apply the learning ‘back at their desk’