Climate Change in your Team

I’m sure you notice that climate and climate change is in the news almost daily. Hard not to notice the swings in weather systems everywhere. But how is the climate in your team? Specifically, the ‘creative’ climate in your team. Creativity is a very important capability to foster in today’s fast paced, ever changing world. When CEOs were asked, “What is the skill you most value in your people?”, they said…
Creativity, the ability to solve problems, come up with new solutions, and use brainpower to figure things out.
More and more, large organizations are identifying the need to have their leaders be more creative – one of the necessary and vital ingredients to innovation. Because of this need, I’ve been busy leading creativity and innovation leadership programs in Bengalure, Stockholm, London, Toronto, Peterborough, Boston, and Shanghai. In my programs I include a Creative Climate Dimension exercise that helps teams identify their creative climate gaps and ways to bolster their creativity.

This is a diagnostic exercise to help teams understand how to boost key dimensions needed for a climate that nurtures and encourages creativity. There are six Creative Climate Dimensions and they identify areas like the connection of embracing failure with risk taking and the importance of tolerating ambiguity and uncertainty. Identifying the presence of your own team’s Creative Climate will start a robust conversation within your team and how well suited your environment is to be more creative and innovative. Time and again, I’ve seen that if you begin to understand aspects within your working climate, you can get really intentional around making it more creative, and people more energized and engaged.

Check out my Creative Climate Dimensions exercise, it's free to download here