The Innogizer Advantage


This highly collaborative and design-driven approach taps into the knowledge and capabilities of your team to produce a customer centered set of solutions.  As your thinking partner, we guide and facilitate this process with your team. Unlike a traditional market research approach we immerse your team with your customers to walk in their shoes, learn about their experiences and identify insights to understand their drivers at a whole new level. Leveraging our collective knowledge and experience, we facilitate a deep discussion that produces a series of well-defined challenges. Through our facilitation, ideation, and rapid prototyping we lead your team to developing the capability to ‘fail fast’ and ‘learn quickly.’ We then lead systemized unbiased experiments to gather quick feedback and reactions from customers. The output will be a range of novel and fresh solutions and concepts, ready for market validation.



  • New insights uncovered about your segment

  • Robust outcomes that mitigate risk

  • Increased comfort and ease to which your team connects to customers

  • Deliberate knowledge sharing to support value creation in the business

  • New muscle and know how to fail fast and integrate learning

  • New found creative confidence

  • An abundance of associated insight that will help fuel an ongoing eco-system for innovation, growth and creating value

  • Better preparation for future insight mining

  • A full report back regarding the lateral gaps and opportunities that exist

**Timing depends on project scope and challenge**