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Make Sense of Things When Disruption Becomes Too Disruptive
From constantly evolving technology, to elevated customer expectation, to a marketplace that demands rapid-fire decision making, today’s leaders are operating in a volatile, every-changing environment. We teach you how to use design thinking to take a step back, find the opportunities amid the chaos, determine the right problem to solve for and generate fresh ideas that create value for your customer and you.

Confidence – Fail to Learn and Win
When you’re expected to deliver both short-term operational results as well as envision and build for the long-term, managing competing priorities is hard. We’ll show you how to use design thinking techniques like ethnographic research, agile thinking, prototyping, and how to fail fast to learn to efficiently find the solutions that overcome today’s challenges and lay the groundwork for tomorrow with confidence.


Learn by Doing for Actionable Results
Learning a new skill is one thing but putting it to work is something else. We don’t just teach you about design thinking, we develop your capacity to lead strategic initiatives by using design thinking principles in the context of a real-time situation you’re currently facing. You’ll come away with a new mindset you can put to work immediately and the ingredients to develop a culture of innovation.

Some of our other programs include:

  • Business Model Innovation: turn your business model inside out, and explore new ways to create value for your customers and capture value for your company.

  • Idea Vitality: Learn a proven set of principles and tools to enhance creative problem solving to generate a broad range of novel, useful and actionable ideas.

  • Super Charged Thinking: Understand your team’s innovation DNA and apply the a wide range of tools, skills and behaviours to lead effective change.


Our work with J&J has been featured in the June 2018 edition of the Harvard Business Review: Harvard Business Review



There are a number of beliefs that drive the way we work and how we design impactful programs for leadership teams: 

  • Leaders are most effective when they work on something that is relevant and meaningful to them (professionally and/or personally) and are learning in ‘real time’
  • We are highly collaborative and our thinking partners to our clients.  Modeling human centred design, we seek our client’s involvement in the development and iteration of our program design
  • We connect the elements across all activities throughout our program to ensure the learning and value of each area is relevant to the current business environment and can be taken forward by participants and applied back at their desk
  • We stand behind the quote of Buckminster Fuller:  “If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.”
  • The personal leadership learning and experience of the process of our program is as important as the outcomes
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“Velocity’s work with our managers was outstanding.  It resonated deeply with our group, and everyone was fully engaged in learning.  Even though it was the end of a full day at our conference, the whole room was filled with energy and excitement about making changes in their bank branches.”  

Angela D’Alessandro, Institute for Learning, Harris Bank.


“Velocity Partnership facilitated our team design thinking and innovation program. We had very specific business objectives but at the same time, wanted to push the team’s thinking in a very different way. The two and a half days that we spent on the Innovation Advantage was extremely valuable. In comparison to past offsite programs, the team left energized, inspired and motivated to think about our business challenges in a very different way. We left with tangible actions and we have already incorporated what we learned into our business and some of our day to day operations.”  

Caroline Dabu, Vice President| Head Enterprise Wealth Planning Group | BMO Bank of Montreal


“Velocity created and facilitated a meaningful day and half program. I got so much out of and also enjoyed it immensely.  My awareness of my personal leadership was ignited to see new opportunities for myself and my company.  I left with solid action items, and insight about timing of a next hire. Most importantly, I left with increased clarity, feeling more validated and more confident. I am emboldened.” 

Sharon Gilmour-Glover, Chief Implementation Officer, Light-Core